SEEG/ECOG electrode locations in Brainstorm

Localization of intracranial electrodes is critical for invasive epilepsy evaluations and to confirm or not confirm the epileptic zone hypothesis. Various methods exist using various open-source and commercial software. Here is one method using some latest updates to the Brainstorm software.

Required imaging:

  • Pre-implantation T1 without contrast 1mm 3D volume scan
  • Post-implantation CT scan without contrast 1mm 3D volume scan

Assuming you are already familiar with Brainstorm and have already created anatomy files using Freesurfer:

Import Freesurfer anatomy

Choose Freesurfer folder

Change file type to Freesurfer

Set fiducial points & compute MNI coordinates

Convert CT to .nii.gz first with MRIcroGL (drag and drop)

Import CT by selecting ‘Import MRI’

Select the CT .nii file

Apply transformation


Register on default MRI

CT overlay in MRI Viewer

Import ECOG data

Edit channel file

Change channel type to ECOG

Go to CT, Display, Overlay on default MRI (MRI Viewer)

Right click, Electrodes, Set electrode position

View in 3D